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+370 666 83338

Radvilėnų pl. 19A, Kaunas

About us

The experience of website and web page design: from the advent of the Internet in Lithuania.

In 1996-2003 we worked in the Kaunas branch of what was then the private enterprise “Naujoji komunikacija” (NK) (“New communication”, NC). Being one of the first web design companies in Lithuania to have a stable key developers’ team, over these 7 years we managed to develop quality websites for many well-known companies. Even then, we were already trying to adapt them to the high positions in the major search engines.

In 2004 -2008 the same team of developers from the Kaunas branch of NK (NC) worked for the private enterprise "Infoerdve". We would like to inform our former customers that in December 2008, the private enterprise "Infoerdve" was transformed into JSC "Infoerdve" and transferred to another owner, so that the staff of the present-day JSC "Infoerdve" is completely different. Therefore, please do not identify the developers or persons responsible for the current JSC "Infoerdve" with the former private enterprise "Infoerdve", and vice versa. "Infobanga" essentially has the same approach to website creation as its predecessors. The following main criteria are important for websites and web pages regardless of their style or the time when they were published:

  • regularity and ease of navigation;
  • no redundant elements;
  • no meaningless links;
  • a clear and transparent structure;
  • informative content;
  • high online ratings;
  • quick to load;
  • user-friendly administration area.

We would like to thank our long-term customers for trusting us ever since we first started to work in the field of IT, and hope that our cooperation will be fruitful and easy.